4 Tips To Designing The Ideal Kitchen For Just About Any Baker

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4 Tips To Designing The Ideal Kitchen For Just About Any Baker

4 Tips To Designing The Ideal Kitchen For Just About Any Baker

19 June 2015
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Whether you're a professional baker and run a cake business out of your home or you enjoy baking everything from cookies to pies for the fun of it, you need a kitchen that is set up to make this task easy. The last thing you want is your kitchen set-up causing you problems while you're attempting to make the perfect wedding cake for your client or trying to get cookies together for the school bake sale tomorrow. Here are a few tips for designing the ideal baker's kitchen:

1. Open Shelving

This is an absolute must. As a baker, you don't have time to rummage through cabinet after cabinet to find what you need. This is true whether it is flour and sugar or your favorite baking dish. You need to be able to spot it and grab it immediately with ease. Otherwise, your baking may be at risk. With open shelving, you can see what you have and reach for it whenever it is needed. Plus, you'll avoid getting grease, flour or butter on the cabinet doorknobs and items falling out of an over-crowded cupboard.

2. Peg Boards

Peg boards can be used for some of your most often used tools, such as rolling pins, cake molds, bread boards, colanders and more. This can be placed anywhere on the wall in the kitchen, but it may serve its purpose best by being placed as a backsplash for the stove and oven or near your preparation area.

3. Upright Storage for Pans

Being able to see your items is important for bakers, as already discussed. Therefore, you also want to consider the inside of your cabinets where you'll store your baking sheets and pans. You need storage that will allow you to place these upright and vertical rather than horizontally and on top of each other. Upright storage will ensure you can easily see and access the items that you have clean and available for use. This type of storage is best placed near the microwave or oven.

4. Spice Drawers

As a baker, you are sure to use plenty of spices. From cinnamon to nutmeg, you need spices like these within arm's reach. By having a shallow pull-out drawer, you can place your most frequently used toppings, spices, etc. here for easy viewing and accessibility. You can alphabetize them or organize them in your own special way.

All four of these tips will make your life in the kitchen as a baker much easier. Work with a local cabinetry company, like McKoy's Quality Interiors, to come up with the kitchen of your dreams. You'll be able to whip up cake mixtures and get them into the oven with ease so that you can get started on your next baking project while that one is in the oven. Just don't forget to set your timer so that your hard work doesn't go to waste. 

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