Why Engineered Floors Are Perfect For Kitchens

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Why Engineered Floors Are Perfect For Kitchens

Why Engineered Floors Are Perfect For Kitchens

27 August 2015
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The floor in any room can wear down quicker than other design elements. However, the floor of kitchen seems to endure even more wear and tear. Constant spills, lots of foot traffic and the presence of moisture make kitchen floors susceptible to more damage. This is why it is often the first room in your home that will need a remodel. This article explains why engineered hardwood floors are among the best options for kitchen floors. 

What Are Engineered Floors?

When it comes to hardwood floors, you will often hear the term "engineered" interchanged with the terms laminate, prefabricated, and modular. All of these floors are more or less the exact same. These floors are made in a factory with a modular design. This means that the pieces are engineered with a simple tongue and groove system, so they can attach to each other very easily during the installation. The tongue of one piece snaps into the groove of the last piece as the planks are laid down. In fact, many homeowners install their floors on their own because it doesn't require any heavy-duty power tools. One the main perks of engineered hardwood floors is that they are much cheaper and easier to install than tile or custom wood floors.

Engineered Floors are Very Durable

When it comes to your kitchen, you will obviously want a floor material that is easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood can be quickly swept or vacuumed with ease. The grout lines on tile floors can be much more difficult to clean. The seamless construction of engineered floors is particularly helpful in kitchens. Food spills will not settle in the cracks and spoil, causing unsanitary conditions.

Engineered Floors are Laminated

Engineered floors usually have a laminated top layer. This laminate protects the wood and prevents it from fading or scratching. This means you don't need to worry about refinishing your floors over the years. Custom hardwood floors need to be resanded and then stained every few years to maintain a strong seal. This is an expensive and inconvenient project that many customers put off for too long. Neglecting to refinish your hardwood floor can be very damaging to the surface.

No matter what you call them, engineered hardwood floors from companies like The Floor Club are a perfect solution for residential kitchen floors. It is a stylish yet practical flooring material. It is easy to see why so many homeowners are attracted to engineered hardwood.

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