How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger

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How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger

How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger

13 September 2015
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When you have a small bathroom, you can make some changes to the space so that it feels larger. The idea is to remove bulky items and replace them with alternative pieces so your bathroom feels bigger, even though you did not change the dimensions of the room.

Install a Glass Shower Stall

A good way to make a bathroom look bigger is to remove the tub and replace it with a see-through glass shower stall. For many bathrooms, the tub takes up a lot of space and the shower curtain creates a barrier that makes the space feel smaller.

A shower stall that uses clear glass allows the light to flow around the space without creating separate closed-off areas. When you have several small areas within a bathroom, it makes the room feel smaller.

Your first option is to use solid glass panels for the front and sides of the shower. You also have the option of choosing how high the glass goes. This means you can leave a space open at the top to help with ventilating the steam, while it also keeps the water inside your shower.

If you do not want to use solid glass panels, you can install clear glass blocks instead. The blocks make it easy to create a wall, but they still allow light to flow into the space. Additionally, since these are four-dimensional glass blocks, you cannot see through them perfectly. This is a good feature to have if someone accidentally walks into the bathroom while you are in the shower, because the blocks give you privacy without blocking the light within the room.

Add a New Sink and Shelves

Traditionally, bathrooms have sinks and large cabinets. However, these two items can make a small bathroom feel tiny. By choosing alternative items, you open up the space and you do not lose your storage or sink.

A floating sink is one way to open up the space in your bathroom. With this option, you attach the sink to the wall and the space below the sink is open. You also have the choice of picking a smaller floating sink and placing small shelves below it.

A pedestal sink is another good product to use in a small bathroom. This model type has a thin base and you can choose a wider top if you prefer.

As for the storage, you can choose to place shelves in different areas of the bathroom for storage. This option eliminates the need for large bulky cabinets. The shelves can go below the sink, above the toilet or on any wall within the bathroom. To keep some items private, such as personal toiletries, you can use decorative baskets or boxes that you place on the shelves.

Making a smaller bathroom seem bigger can be done by changing the items within the space. It is a good idea to consult a bathroom remodeling contractor to find out what type of options will best suit your bathroom. With their help, you can modify the space and make your bathroom feel larger without having to move walls to add extra room to the space.

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