Revitalize Plain, Wooden Kitchen Cabinets That Have Small Imperfections

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Revitalize Plain, Wooden Kitchen Cabinets That Have Small Imperfections

Revitalize Plain, Wooden Kitchen Cabinets That Have Small Imperfections

21 September 2015
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Plain, wooden cabinets in your kitchen that have small imperfections in their surface can be revitalized with the following steps. Once you have completed the project, the cabinets will look new again and will give your kitchen a more modern appearance.


  • wood cleaner
  • lint-free cloths
  • cordless drill
  • screwdriver
  • vinyl tarp
  • hand sander
  • low and fine grit sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • painter's tape
  • wood stain
  • wood sealer

Clean The Cabinets And Sand The Wooden Surface

Remove the cabinet doors with a cordless drill or screwdriver and lay them on a flat surface that is covered with a vinyl tarp. Remove the handle or knob from each door with one of the same tools, and set all of the pieces aside. Remove dirt and residue from the wooden frames and doors with wood cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Dry the wood off with another cloth.

Secure a piece of low-grit sandpaper to a hand sander. Move the sander with the grain of the wood as you remove any imperfections that you see. Lightly sand the wood with a piece of fine-grit paper afterwards to give the wood a smooth finish. Wipe away sawdust that is on the wood's surface with a tack cloth.

Apply Stain And Sealer

Place strips of painter's tape around the wooden frames so that wood stain and sealer does not get onto the wall. Pour a small amount of wood stain on a lint-free cloth and rub it onto the frames, moving the cloth with the grain of the wood. Apply the stain evenly. Add stain to the cabinet doors in the same manner. Allow plenty of time for the stain to dry. Darker colors of stain take longer to dry than lighter ones, and reading the back of the can will give you a good idea of how long you may need to wait.

Once the stain is dry, apply a small amount of wood sealer to a clean cloth. Add the wood sealer to the cabinet doors and frames using the same method that you did with the wood stain. Wait several hours for the sealer to dry.

Reattach The Handles, Knobs, And Doors

Reattach a handle or knob to each door with a cordless drill or screwdriver. If you want to give your kitchen an even more updated look, consider buying new handles from a company like JB Kitchens Baths & Design Inc. Secure the doors to the frames with one of the same tools. Remove the painter's tape. The cabinets will give your kitchen an updated appearance and can easily be maintained by cleaning them with soapy water and a cloth whenever they become dirty.

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