5 Big Ideas For Remodeling Your Big Bathroom

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5 Big Ideas For Remodeling Your Big Bathroom

5 Big Ideas For Remodeling Your Big Bathroom

9 November 2015
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A bathroom remodel is decidedly easier when you have a lot of space to work with. If your existing bath is adequate or even spacious, you have some advantages that can go a long way to being able to design the bathroom of your dreams. But you need to understand how best to use that space rather than waste it. Here are 5 tips for your bathroom remodeling layout.

Don't Supersize the Tub

Until recently, many renovating homeowners were adding gigantic soaking tubs that looked luxurious and relaxing. The problem is that they rarely get used to their capacity due to high water costs, lack of sufficient hot water or lessening of interest. If you're not a person who already enjoys a long soak in the tub, don't add a huge bathtub and assume you'll start using it in the future. There are many options for comfortable soaking tubs that don't use as much water and have less of a footprint in your bathroom. As long as you have one bathtub in the house, you should even be able to remove other tubs without affecting your home's value. 

Do Supersize the Shower

Unlike tubs, luxury showers are growing in popularity and comfort. During your remodel, look for ways to expand your shower and make it more relaxing. You can add multiple shower heads for a massage effect, or just choose a new style such as a rain shower head (which drips water on you from directly above) or body spray system. Add a bench or seat and a walk-in design to make showering more functional and easier. Try a steam shower for a spa-like feel. 

Don't Stray From Plumbing

When designing the best way to lay out your new bathroom, keep in mind where your current plumbing is located. If you base your plans on existing pipes, you will save money that you can use for other upgrades. You can do a lot without moving the overall location of the toilet, sink and shower. If your sink gets congested in the current layout, for example, consider adding a second sink to spread out the users or adding a grooming/vanity station (that doesn't require a sink) elsewhere in the room. 

Keep the Noise Down

The bathroom can be a noisy place, so if you have the space, consider adding a transition area to lessen the noise that leaks into rooms around it. The transition zone could be the master closet or dressing area that leads into the master bath. Or it could be created by moving the bathtub -- which is used less often and at quieter times -- to the forefront instead of the well-trodden sink or shower. Whether you choose to create an entry area or not, be sure to add plenty of insulation and a solid core door to keep noise to a minimum. 

Hide the Toilet

While the toilet is a central part of your bathroom, it should not be front-and-center in your new design. Focus attention on your updated spa features -- like a luxury shower or double sink -- instead. Create a more private toilet space by adding a half-wall or frosted glass that allows in light but hides the toilet from sight. Or just make sure the toilet is not directly in the line of sight when you walk into the bathroom.  

Following these 5 space-planning tips when designing your spacious bathroom will help ensure that you create a bathroom you will love and use often as well as keeping up the resale value of your home.

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