Vinyl Vs. Wooden Windows: Which Is Best For Your Home?

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Vinyl Vs. Wooden Windows: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Vinyl Vs. Wooden Windows: Which Is Best For Your Home?

16 November 2015
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Vinyl is a great material for residential window fixtures. It is rigid, yet lightweight so it can be on any type or style of window. Many people desire the more traditional and natural look of wooden windows. While wooden windows are certainly stylish, they are not the most practical. You will need to invest a lot of time and money over the years to keep a wooden window sash looking good. A good compromise is buying a vinyl window with a wooden lamination. Vinyl windows require almost no maintenance and they are very durable. This article will explain the drawbacks and advantages of investing in vinyl instead of wood.

Vinyl Does not Need to be Refinished

The first great feature of vinyl is the fact that you don't need to paint, stain for refinish it in any way. Refinishing a wooden sash is quite a major remodel because it requires sanding and several coats of stain. It is not the kind of DIY project that you can do over the course of one weekend. It might take several weeks to completely refinish your wooden sashes.

The laminate finish is printed with the most popular current wood stains, complete with natural-looking grains and knots. Of course, this means that the color you choose is permanent. So, the style you choose today, might not be in style in 10 years. But this is not really an issue if you choose a neutral or clear wood color. One of the great perks of using wooden fences is that you can essentially change the finish whenever you want. You can change from a clear stain to a solid color. While some will tell you that vinyl's biggest strength is that it doesn't need to be refinished, other will say that vinyl's biggest weakness is that it cannot be refinished. If you are a homeowner who likes to remodel and change your style every few years, wooden windows still might be the best for your home.

Vinyl is Waterproof

Vinyl is dense and very smooth. The surface is completely impermeable and waterproof. The laminate finish is hard and scratch-resistant too. Water is always an issue on the exterior side of the sash. Water is wood's worst enemy. Vinyl is not affected by water at all. In fact, vinyl windows are easy to clean with just a little bit of water on a rag.

As you can see, vinyl is certainly the more practical option, but wood will still appeal to some homeowners. Contact a local outlet, such as Another Estimate LLC, for further assistance.

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