Match Your Countertop To Your Design Style

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Match Your Countertop To Your Design Style

Match Your Countertop To Your Design Style

2 June 2016
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Your kitchen countertops represent a large investment. Not only are they one of the priciest aspects of a kitchen, but they also take up a lot of real estate. As such, you want to choose a countertop material that promotes your design style. Select the countertop material that complements both your décor and your lifestyle.


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials, and with good reason. Not only is granite durable and relatively maintenance-free, but the stone comes in a wide variety of color and pattern combinations. For a traditional kitchen, choose a traditional base color such as beige, black or gray. Likewise, look for granite with subtle flecks or marbling. Finally, an eased edge is classic, though beveled is attractive as well.


Granite works well with a modern kitchen, too. You'll just be choosing a different slab and finishing option. If you want bold contrast in your kitchen, consider having solid black granite in a high-gloss finish installed. Such a countertop looks stylish in a black and white kitchen that features stainless steel fixtures. Another mod option is choosing one of the bright colors for granite, such as red or blue. These countertops can still be matched with white and stainless steel.


On the other end of the spectrum, marble is a material that offers classical appeal. White with gray veining is probably the most traditional option. Such a countertop adds instant elegance. Marble does require extra care and represents a significant investment up front. However, the stone also offers a beautiful patina that changes over time.


Perhaps you fancy the homey feel of a farmhouse kitchen. While granite and even marble match this style, too, consider butcher block. The warmth of the wood offers a welcoming ambience to your kitchen. What's more, this hardwood countertop provides a solid cutting surface – just like a butcher block cutting board.


If you have a creative touch, Home and Garden TV recommends installing a glass countertop. A glass countertop can come in the form of a mosaic, or you can upcycle previously used glass tiles. You can also have the glass installed as a screen for a picture or design underneath. Another option is to have glass inlaid in a concrete countertop.


Perhaps your kitchen isn't so much about looks as functionality. If you have aspirations similar to a chef's, consider stainless steel for your countertops. Not only is this work surface highly durable and relatively maintenance free, it's extremely easy to clean. Opt for brushed stainless steel so that the surface doesn't show scratches or water marks.

Match your kitchen countertop material to your design style.

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