Got A Mold Problem? 3 Steps You Can Take To Prevent A Repeat Of The Problem

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Got A Mold Problem? 3 Steps You Can Take To Prevent A Repeat Of The Problem

Got A Mold Problem? 3 Steps You Can Take To Prevent A Repeat Of The Problem

2 November 2016
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Mold is nothing to laugh at. If you've got a mold problem in your home, you need to have it cleaned up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem can have devastating effects on your home and your health. Once you've had the mold removed, here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Get Rid of the Moisture

Moisture inside your home is an open invitation for mold growth. It can be difficult to tell where the moisture is coming from, though. In most cases, moisture can develop near drafty windows and leaky pipes. With a few simple steps, you can take care of those problems.


Look around your windows. If you see moisture building up around the edges, you need to seal things up. Apply a thin layer of latex caulking around your windows. This will seal out the moisture and reduce the occurrence of mold.


Leaky pipes are a breeding ground for mold. Look under your sinks and behind your toilets. If you can see drips, or puddles of water, you'll need to have those problems repaired as quickly as possible. It's also a good idea to apply a small amount of latex caulking, or spray foam insulation, around the space between the pipes and the walls. This will help keep moisture out of your home.

Repair Your Roof

If you've got missing shingles on your roof, the rain could be leaking through to the attic. If that's happening, you could have a hidden mold problem brewing beneath the surface. To prevent mold growth from a leaky roof, you should have minor roofing damage repaired immediately.

Clean and Adjust the Gutters

Your rain gutters could also be a problem when it comes to mold. This is particularly true if they're dirty or improperly adjusted. To prevent gutter problems, sweep all the debris out of your gutters and then flush them with clear water. As the water flows from the down spout, watch to see where it collects at. If the water collects along the edges of your home, adjust the downspout so that the water collects as far away from your home as possible. The moisture around your home could be causing mold growth.

Don't risk a repeat mold problem. Use the tips provided here to prevent future mold growth in your home. Be sure to talk to your contractor about other ways to prevent mold problems. Contact a company like 3 R's Construction Management LLC for more info.

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