Want a Bathroom with Class? 3 Tips for Adding a Clawfoot Tub

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Want a Bathroom with Class? 3 Tips for Adding a Clawfoot Tub

Want a Bathroom with Class? 3 Tips for Adding a Clawfoot Tub

11 November 2016
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Replacing the bathtub in your home can be a fantastic way to add value and make taking a bath much more enjoyable. If you want a deep soaking tub that looks sophisticated and is a good fit for the years to come, consider a clawfoot tub. With over a century of use in its history, the clawfoot tub has remained a popular option for any bathroom. If you're interested in having a bathtub put in that looks beautiful and helps improve the way that your home looks, you'll want to make sure that your home is a good fit for a clawfoot tub.

The following tips can all help ensure that your new clawfoot tub is installed without any issues.

Make Sure the Floor Can Support the Tub

Before purchasing a clawfoot tub to have installed in your bathroom, you need to make sure that the floor can support the weight of the tub. Many people make the mistake of having a clawfoot tub installed without first considering the support that is going to be underneath. With this in mind, you'll need to make sure that you get a home inspector to come by and check out the support of the flooring that you intend on having the clawfoot tub installed on.

Create a Plan for Storage

Clawfoot tubs can be lacking in storage compared to your typical bath and shower combination due to the lack of wall support surrounding the bathing area. This means you'll need to have a plan for shampoo bottles and other toiletries that you'll want easy access to. Storage can come in the form of additional shelving put up right next to the shower or a hanging storage compartment under the showerhead. With this work done ahead of time, you can make sure that your bathroom stays organized and that you don't have loose bottles lying around.

Have a List of Features on Hand When Shopping

When you first begin shopping for additions to your bathroom, you'll begin to notice that some features are more desirable than others. The number-one thing that you'll want to focus on is having the right dimensions on hand. By knowing the measurements of the bathtub that you want and the size of your bathroom, you can make sure that your new tub will fit in seamlessly. Along with making sure that the size of the bathtub makes sense for the size of your home, you can also look into the height of the tub and the exact details.

Taking your time when planning on getting a clawfoot tub installed at home will help ensure that you get the right addition that you'll be happy with in the years to come. Contact a company such as Woodharbor Kitchen & Bath for more advice. 

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