A Few Tricks For Keeping Your Vinyl Replacement Windows From Changing The Look Of Your House Too Much

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A Few Tricks For Keeping Your Vinyl Replacement Windows From Changing The Look Of Your House Too Much

A Few Tricks For Keeping Your Vinyl Replacement Windows From Changing The Look Of Your House Too Much

15 November 2016
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Vinyl replacement windows may be more energy efficient and require less maintenance than the wood ones now in place. However, they may also change the way your home looks from the outside. To keep the curb appeal and the structural look and feel of your home intact, follow these few tricks, and make sure any contracted installers do too.


Some homes, especially older ones, have unique window sizes. When you order the replacement windows you will be given the common sizes to choose from. However, this will mean that the holes for your windows will need to be adapted to fit them. This will change the way your home looks from outside. It may appear to be out of balance, destroying the architectural appeal of the home. Instead of going with a premade size, custom order the replacement windows to fit the holes that are already there. This will maintain the integrity of your home's architecture.

Sashes and Casings

Many vinyl windows are designed to sit flush with the side of the house. In addition, they do not normally have a sash around the glass. To keep the same feel of the window, ask to have the same type of casings around the windows and to make sure there is a sash around each piece of glass. You can have them painted to look like wood, or go with a color that complements the color of the house. The casings and sashes maintain the multiple depths of the windows, keeping the same look and feel to the whole building.


If our home has siding on it, you should have the pieces that butt up to the window removed before the installation. Once the vinyl replacement windows are in place, the siding can be put back on. This will ensure that there are no gaps between the window frame and the side of the house. Any gap can be a place where air can easily move between inside and out, reducing the efficiency rating of your new windows.

While vinyl replacement windows will never have the exact same feel as the wooden framed windows you have now, they can still maintain the overall look and curb appeal of your home. You do not have to have them all replaced at once if money is an issue. Order windows for one side of the house, put them away until you have the money to have them installed. This way you can order the exact windows you need, with all the casings and sashes to keep your home looking the way it is supposed to look. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Clayton Floors & More.

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