Cabinet Features to Consider

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Cabinet Features to Consider

Cabinet Features to Consider

17 November 2016
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Shopping for new cabinets can be one of the more exciting parts of a successful kitchen renovation, and for good reason. The cabinets make up the wall decor of the room, even if their purpose is primarily functional. Choosing any simple cabinet won't do. If you are planning to upgrade with all new cabinets, consider a few of the following features to make sure they are something you can enjoy for a long time.

Slider and hinge systems

It may seem like a small thing, but the slider system on the drawers and the hinges on the cabinets can actually be a big deal. No one wants a stuck drawer or to walk into a door that was accidentally left open.

Self closing sliders and hinges will ensure that the cabinets are always closed, since it only takes a gentle nudge for them to close without slamming. Also, make sure that sliders are rated for heavier weights, since you don't want to be struggling to open the drawer that is laden with silverware.

Maximizing corner cabinets

Traditionally the corner cabinet has been the lost zone of the kitchen. Usually, items get shoved into it and then forgotten about because it is so hard to reach the back recesses. Fortunately, there are a couple of corner cabinet options.

  • Lazy Susan. The lazy Susan or spinning turntable is the most common option for a corner cabinet. There is some lost space, since you are placing a round storage rack into an angular space, but this is made up by the fact you can easily access the rear of the cabinet by simply spinning the lazy Susan racks.

  • Slide-out cabinet. The slide out cabinet works more like a drawer. Instead of a swing-open corner cabinet door, you pull out the L-shaped door, which has two or more shelves attach to it. This allows you to use every inch of the space inside the cabinet.

Specialized racks

Each cabinet in your kitchen has a specific job, so why not purchase those that are designed to do these jobs? Instead of a large open layout pot cabinet, opt for a design with pull out pot and lid storage racks. The same goes for the narrow cabinet designed to hold cookie sheets and cutting boards.

Upper cabinets in particular can benefit from the right cabinet system. Drop down spice racks are popular since they allow you to quickly find the spices that otherwise get pushed to the back of the cabinet.

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