Create the Perfect She-Shed Quickly and Easily

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Create the Perfect She-Shed Quickly and Easily

Create the Perfect She-Shed Quickly and Easily

17 November 2016
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Being able to have time to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is important from time to time. If you have a small home that makes it difficult to get away and truly relax, consider having your own she-shed created to allow you to enjoy some peace and quiet when you need it. The guide that follows walks you through a few tips for creating your own she-shed in an affordable way.

Have a Concrete Foundation Created

After deciding which metal building you would like to use as your she-shed, you need to have a base created for the shed. Have a concrete foundation created to the exact size of the shed. Be sure that the foundation is thick enough to support the weight of the shed and the weight of any furniture you plan to put in it.

Have a Metal Building Installed

After the concrete has hardened, have the shed installed. The installation company will take care of all of the installation for you so that you can rest assured that it is done the right way. You need to be present when the shed is constructed to ensure that the door to the shed is facing the direction that you want it to face.

Have Electricity Added to the Shed

Before continuing, you want to have electricity ran to the shed. It will be easiest to have an electrician run electricity from your home to the shed. Be sure to let a professional handle the job for you though to ensure that everything is done properly. Have a few outlets added so that you have places to plug in items that need electricity for power.

Have Insulation and Drywall Added to the Interior

Once the shed is constructed, a wooden frame will need to be created. Insulation can then be placed between the pieces of wood making up the frame. Once the insulation is in place, drywall can be hung to make the shed feel more homey. Work with a contractor like Nisbet Brower for these and other building supplies.

Decorate and Furnish the Shed

After the walls have been hung, you can paint the walls and add decorative elements to make the shed more welcoming. You can paint the concrete floor and add a rug for a more casual look. You can also plug in a heater to keep the space warm or add an air conditioning unit to keep it cooler. A desk can be nice to have when you want to write or create and a comfortable sofa will be nice for times when you simply want to knit, read, or listen to music.

Once all of the decorations and furnishings are in place, you can start enjoying your home away from home right away. Be sure to place a lock on the outside of your she-shed so that no one can get into it and bother your belongings when you are away.

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