Choosing The Right Finish For Your New Bathroom Fixtures

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Choosing The Right Finish For Your New Bathroom Fixtures

Choosing The Right Finish For Your New Bathroom Fixtures

28 November 2016
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If you've decided to remodel your bathroom to give it a more modern appearance, one thing you'll have to decide on is the type of faucets and fixtures to install. Besides choosing the style and type, you'll also have to pick a finish. There are several choices out there. Here's a look at a few of your options.


If you're on a tight budget, then chrome is the way to go. It is an inexpensive option, and it is also one of the most popular choices for bathroom faucets. Another advantage of chrome is that it is shiny. If you're the type of person who likes surfaces, metals, and tile to sparkle, then chrome is a good choice. It gleams when sunlight or overhead lights reflect off it. The disadvantage of chrome is that it shows fingerprints and water spots. It cleans easily, but you'll have to clean chrome often. If you have kids, you probably don't want to harp on them to dry off the faucets every time they take a bath or wash their hands. You can wax the chrome so water is repelled, but some spotting is probably inevitable.


At the other end of the price spectrum for bathroom fixtures is copper. It's an expensive choice, but it can really make your bathroom pop. It is perfect for a vintage look, but it is also a good match for a modern design since it is becoming more popular all the time. You can buy copper faucets, pipes, and even a copper wash bowl. Copper is easy to keep clean and it has a personality of its own. As it ages, it changes color and develops a richer appearance. The darker color helps things like scratches and nicks to blend in. One drawback of going with copper is that it will probably be difficult to find matching parts later on. A shiny new copper handle won't match the other aged handles in the room.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel is a good choice in bathroom fixtures because it is inexpensive and it goes with all kinds of decorating styles. Brushed nickel does not show fingerprints or water spots. That makes it the ideal choice if you're the type of person who wants the room to look clean at all times. It isn't as shiny as chrome because the surface doesn't reflect light as well. Brushed nickel has a softer appearance, and because it is a popular option, you'll find all kinds of fixtures made with this finish. This gives you a wide choice when it comes to picking out the faucet and handles that are a perfect match to your decorating theme.


If you want a totally unique look, you can go with chrome or some other metal wrapped in porcelain. This is a great match for a country décor. You can choose white porcelain decorated with tiny blue or pink flowers for an artistic flair. The main drawback with porcelain bathroom fixtures is that they are more fragile than plain metal. They can be chipped if you bang a glass or other heavy object against them. For that reason, you may not want to put these handles or faucets in a family bathroom that's heavily used by kids.

The contractor you hire to remodel your bathroom can offer advice on the best fixtures to choose if you want something that is trending and will be in style for a long time. This ensures your bathroom will hold onto it's appealing, modern appearance if you decide to put your home up for sale in a few years.

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