Modern Design Trends for Bathroom Renovations That Save Space and Look Great

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Modern Design Trends for Bathroom Renovations That Save Space and Look Great

Modern Design Trends for Bathroom Renovations That Save Space and Look Great

13 December 2016
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The design of your bathroom is something that is personal. This is a space that you want to have features that appeal to you. In addition to personal tastes, if you have a smaller home, your bathroom will also be an area that requires you to use space-saving design ideas, such as narrow vanities and recessed storage solutions. With some of these ideas, you will be able to give your bathroom a modern and trendy look with space-saving designs.

1. Creating Wall Niches That Can Be Used for Towel Racks, Shelves, and More

Niches in walls will give you more space that can be used for different features. Towel racks can be in the way when they are over the floor. Have a cabinetry service such as Rob Hall's Kitchens Plus make a recessed niche to hide the towels and give your bathroom more floor space. Shelves for toiletries can also be recessed. Glass shelves make this space seem more open and give the area a more modern look.

2. Narrow Vanity Designs That Look Modern and Save Floor Space in the Bathroom

The vanity is the cabinet that houses the sink and is also the most space-consuming feature in any bathroom. To give your bathroom more floor space, use a narrower vanity unit with a modern design. Using bowl sinks and old furniture is a trend that combines modern with traditional for a custom look. There are also narrow units that come in designs made of glass and other materials to give bathroom renovations a modern look. If you still need more space, talk with a cabinetry service about doing a custom install with the vanity recessed into the wall to save more space.

3. Glass, Open Ceilings, and Features to Give Your Bathroom an Open, Spacious Feeling

Spacious designs are also about creating the illusion of more space. This is done by using features like glass or mirrors to create a minimalist feel. High ceilings also help to open space and make a small area seem more spacious. Talk with a custom cabinetry service about taking advantage of this space with taller cabinetry that takes advantage of the higher ceilings. If you have a bathtub, use glass shower doors instead of curtains to preserve the open feel of your bathroom design.

Cabinetry can be used in many ways to create the space you need in your bathroom. Contact a bathroom cabinetry service to help give your bathroom renovations a modern look that saves space and appeals to you. 

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