3 Great Materials To Consider When Carrying Out A Gutter Replacement

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3 Great Materials To Consider When Carrying Out A Gutter Replacement

3 Great Materials To Consider When Carrying Out A Gutter Replacement

4 October 2018
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The gutters on your home are there to disperse rain water away from your property. If they're severely damaged, you may need a replacement. Choosing a new gutter system will go according to plan if you consider these material types. 


The go-to material option for many homeowners looking to replace their gutters is aluminum. This material is extremely lightweight. You'll certainly need this feature if you plan on setting these gutters up yourself or with the help of another person. 

In terms of the durability of aluminum, you won't have to worry about this material rusting. You thus can save a lot of money over the years on future replacement gutters. If you prefer a distinct style for your gutters, aluminum also excels. You can choose from an endless amount of color options and you can even have this material stained, for a dramatic aesthetic.


Another lightweight material option to consider is vinyl. Like aluminum gutters, vinyl gutters aren't that difficult to install. You don't have to shell out a fortune for vinyl gutters, which is great if you're a little strapped for cash yet still need to carry out this replacement.

If you're worried about gutter maintenance, vinyl gutters are superior. They will never rust or severely dent, helping you easily maintain the gutters' aesthetics and structurally integrity. Finally, you'll never have to worry about repainting vinyl over the years. Simple cleaning from time to time is all that's required on your part.


On the higher end of the material spectrum for gutters is zinc. It comes with premium costs, but if you're willing to shell out the extra money for this material, you get a lot of great benefits. Most notably, zinc gutters are one of the most durable options. They can last for decades with minimal maintenance required.

Since zinc is a premium and heavy-duty material, you'll need to opt for professional installation. Although this may cost you extra, at least you can rest assured your zinc gutters will be set up correctly and in a timely manner. Additionally, rainwater will not damage zinc in any way -- giving you a peace of mind when making such a big property investment.

As you can see, there are plenty of great material options for residential gutter replacement. Finding the perfect choice will involve considering relevant specs, such as ease of maintenance, longevity, and costs. Taking this calculated approach helps you avoid buyer's remorse. 

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