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Silence Your Annoying Rattling Door

26 August 2015
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Is there a door or two in your home that makes annoying rattling noises when you walk past, bump into them or a nice breeze blows through the room? These rattles are caused by the door not fitting tightly against the door stop. So, what can you do to put a stop to that irritating sound? Adjust the Door Stop This fix is easier than it sounds. All that you will need is a block of wood, a hand towel, a hammer and 1 ΒΌ inch finishing nails.
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4 Tips To Designing The Ideal Kitchen For Just About Any Baker

19 June 2015
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Whether you're a professional baker and run a cake business out of your home or you enjoy baking everything from cookies to pies for the fun of it, you need a kitchen that is set up to make this task easy. The last thing you want is your kitchen set-up causing you problems while you're attempting to make the perfect wedding cake for your client or trying to get cookies together for the school bake sale tomorrow.
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I have never been someone who loves to do renovation work, but a few months ago I knew that I had to do something to help my home to function a little better. The layout in the kitchen was ridiculous, and it was really frustrating to deal with the flow of the space. I started looking for an incredible home contractor who could help me to make things right, and I was able to work with a professional remodeling contractor. He worked with what he had, made changes to the space, and really improved things. Check out this blog for more information on investing your money into your home.