Six Things To Do To Make Your Kitchen Safe With Pets Around

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Six Things To Do To Make Your Kitchen Safe With Pets Around

Six Things To Do To Make Your Kitchen Safe With Pets Around

22 September 2015
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If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen and have pets at home, it is so helpful to make some changes with them specifically in mind. In fact, your kitchen can be damaged much faster than you would expect if you do not get the kitchen in shape with some pet-friendly upgrades. For the best results over the years, consider the following ideas.

Fit Your Cabinets with Locks

The easiest way to keep pets out of the cabinetry and touching all your cookware and food is through getting locks installed. Luckily, child-proofing locks can be easily used for your cabinets and will go a long way towards making the kitchen safer.

Options such as magnetic, adhesive, and cord locks make it easy to select the lock that is best for your cabinets and home.

Keep Any Dangerous Items Off the Ground

Cleaning supplies, alcohol, and other harmful items should never be kept in the bottom cabinets or closets- even when locks are installed. In the event that your pet bypasses the locks, it can be dangerous for them. Moving them higher up and locking will ensure that this will not be an issue.

Avoid Scratches and Stains with Pet-Safe Floors

Replacing the floors may be on your to-do list when remodeling your kitchen, so it is a good idea to pick floors that will work well with pets. Avoid hardwood that can easily be scratched by pet nails and choose tile or marble instead.

Insist on Durable Cabinetry to Prevent Scratches

If you intend on replacing the cabinets in your kitchen, you will also need to consider how easily they can become scratched. Cherry wood is a beautiful option and is hard enough to withstand pet damage, while hickory is much lighter and not a good fit for homes with pets.

Install Deep Counters to Keep Pets Away

To keep pets from reaching food and other items placed on the counters, look into getting deeper counters and placing things near the back. This makes it more challenging for your pet to reach anything and keeps everyone safer in the process.

Fit a Pet Gate at the Entrance to the Kitchen

An easy alternative to cabinet locks and deep counters is simply installing a pet gate. These gates can be fitted between an entryway and restrict access to your pet, making the kitchen free of any pets.

As you explore your options for pet-proofing the kitchen, you will quickly see just how much of a difference some upgrades can make. With the things above moved into place, you can extend the lifetime of your kitchen drastically and make it more enjoyable to cook in as well. Talk to a local contractor, such as Personal Touch Kitchens, Inc., for more tips. 

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