Aging in Place: Kitchen Accessibility Tips

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Aging in Place: Kitchen Accessibility Tips

Aging in Place: Kitchen Accessibility Tips

17 November 2016
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Getting older doesn't mean you need to give up cooking, especially if you really enjoy it. Instead, consider renovating your kitchen so it is more accessible and easier to use. A few simple changes can greatly improve the space so you can continue to do what you love. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Adjust the counter height

A lower counter height may be just the thing if you are in a wheelchair or if you need to sit down while preparing food and cooking. Fortunately, dropping the counter can be relatively easy, since it doesn't involve any major reconfiguration of the space. You may also want to consider removing the lower cabinets in front of the sink and primary work surface. This will allow you to pull your chair even closer to the counter for even more ease of work.

Tip #2: Drop down cabinets

Reaching into upper cabinets can also be difficult as you age, especially if you have balance issues. Consider a drop down cabinets. While these cabinets are at regular height, each one has a rack inside that pulls down or can be pushed back up with just a light touch. This rack effectively brings the contents down to an easier-to-reach level.

Tip #3: Update your faucet

Handles on a faucet may seem harmless enough, but age and arthritis can make turning on the water difficult at best. Switch out your current sink set-up with an easier to use lever model. You can opt for a single lever that you tilt to control temperature, or two levers or swivel handles. If you like to have a sprayer in your sink, opt for one that is activated by a button instead of a variety that has a squeeze handle, since these can be more difficult to use.

Tip #4: Adapt the floor plan

There is no one correct answer when adapting a floor plan. As a general guide, the entrances and space within the kitchen should be wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. How wide depends on your preferences. Some people prefer a narrow kitchen that allows them to reach both sides without moving much, while other prefer a wider space to turn around and maneuver in. Choose the option that works best for your cooking style.

For more help in designing the perfect kitchen for your needs, talk with a home renovation company like Big John's Closeouts in your area.

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